Your Organization Entered Into An Interoperability Agreement With Another Organization A Year Ago

● The system administrator configures remote access rights and the security agent checks and activates each account. ● Any changes to the default system image require simultaneous processing by multiple domain controllers. ● Security policy writers should never fraternize with system administration staff. ● Only the security guard can implement new rule sets for border routers. Which of the following encryption methods combines a random value with plain text to create ciphertext? Your server room components fail at a rapid rate. You notice that the humidity in the server room is 60%, and the temperature is 80 degrees. Protect your environment so that it retains the highest source of truth You have hired 10 new temporary workers who will be in the company for three months. You want to ensure that user accounts cannot be used for logon after this period. What should you do? Configure account lockout in Group Policy Configure account expiration in user accounts Configure daily/temporal limits in user accounts Configure account policies in Group Policy ● Implement long key zones ● Keep the cryptosystem secret ● Implement strong systems with redundant encryption ● Use strong passwords You have antivirus software installed on the computers in your organization.

However, within a few days, you notice that a computer has a virus. When you ask the user, she says she installed software a few days ago, but it should be a file compression program. She admits that she did not scan the file before running it. What should pu add to your security measures to prevent this from happening again? You have a number of DVD-RW discs that have been used to archive files for your latest development project. You need to get rid of the disks. Which of the following methods should you use to best prevent data extraction from disks? Which of the following definitions best defines the single loss expectancy (SLE)? The total financial loss associated with a single occurrence of a threat The total cost of all counter-measures associated with protecting against a particular vulnerability The monetary value of a single employee`s loss of productivity due to a successful attack The statistical probability of a malicious event ● The device is stolen or lost. ● The device is locked and someone has entered several incorrect passwords or PINs. .