When Is A Royalty Agreement With A Healthcare Professional Appropriate

What happens if the technology is not patented, but the surgeon still considers it intellectual property? The 2007 NPA states that „if the intellectual property has not been patented, royalties shall not exceed a reasonable period of time“ taking into account factors such as the life cycle and commercial benefits of the products and intellectual property, as well as the burden of managing the license agreement. Opinions about what a „reasonable period of time“ is will be different. In any case, there are situations that make it difficult to justify a long licence term. For example, the doctor or company may have tried not to get a patent on a product because the design of the product was already known. Or the technical field can be very cluttered with products that resemble the doctor`s unre patented technology. Therefore, companies should base consultants` remuneration on all forms of intellectual property and avoid agreements that limit intellectual property to patent rights. Tags: Consulting and licensing agreements with doctors: A look at this business relationship in the context of the federal anti-bribery statue Many specialized conferences are supported by a wide range of sponsors, including medical technology companies. To continue the mission of the conferences and maintain their integrity, business associations such as AdvaMed have adopted guidelines for the financial support of the conference sponsor. .