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But what if none of these things apply to you? What if you and your future spouse have never had a previous marriage, don`t own property (or if what you own is of similar value), you both have about the same amount of money in the bank, and neither of you expects your net worth to be $150 million? In that case, Jeff explains, you may not need a prenup. „If you`re getting married on relatively flat land and no one is making or expecting a fortune, then you may not need it.“ Both parties, on the other hand, hold all the non-cash assets they held before the split. That said, and if you look at the photo we`ve attached, the changes don`t seem too drastic in most cases, but at least those in-game prenups work a little more realistically these days. In a blog post by Women & Co. Last month, I asked the question, „Do I have to sign a prenup?“ I didn`t know the answer, so I went to the experts to find out. I spoke with Jeff Landers, a regular contributor to Forbes and the Huffington Post, as well as the president and founder of Bedrock Divorce Advisors, LLC, a national divorce strategy firm that exclusively advises women who are going through or may be going through a financially complicated divorce. By signing a marriage contract, you and your future spouse can decide in advance what property – the things you own, both material and immaterial – will be considered separate, and what will be considered matrimonial property and how matrimonial property will be divided in the event of divorce. Marriage in BitLife isn`t as dizzy as you`d expect in a mobile game. There is an element of realism that has specifically to do with prenups. Making the big decision should you sign a prenup? If this question seems completely romantic, it is because it is. A marriage contract is more of a business and less of a romantic agreement. You`re negotiating a contract and your livelihood may be at stake, so it`s important to think of this document as a business agreement – your goal is to make sure you`re protected. If you decide to sign a prenup, contact a lawyer who specializes in drafting this type of agreement.

Because prenups require negotiation, hiring separate lawyers is crucial for you and your future spouse. In this way, you both have the opportunity to be independently informed of your rights. According to Jeff, it`s also important that your prenutial agreement includes the following: You don`t have to be a multimillionaire for a prenutial agreement to make sense. For example, you might own a summer home, or maybe you want to protect property your family has owned for years. In addition, some triggers may indicate that a prenaptial agreement is appropriate. You should consider signing one if, for example: Believe it or not, Jeff (who has been married for 28 years, I should mention) and I had a pretty pleasant discussion about prenutial agreements. I learned a lot, and I certainly got my answer. Do you want the quick version? That you and your future husband need to sign a prenup should really be decided on a case-by-case basis. But how do you know what makes the most sense to you? Read on to find out what Jeff Landers says, what you need to know to decide once and for all: Should I sign a prenup? A prenup contract is a contract signed by both parties before their marriage and in which their property rights and expectations (including maintenance) are set out in the divorce. .