Single Outcome Agreement Glasgow

Our SOA is a ten-year plan that determines the added value that partners can achieve by planning, resources and delivering services in collaboration with local communities. In 2009, the municipal urban planning partnership formalized a second version of the agreement, confirming the 24 local results planned for the city until 2010/2011. Each year, the Council shall report on the progress of the results set out in the single result agreement. This SOA is accompanied by a performance management framework that explains how the CPP will track the difference that is made over time through a series of performance indicators. The framework will consist of a small core of high-level measures on alcohol, youth employment, vulnerable people and also in target neighbourhoods. The framework will be finalised by the end of 2013 A central proposal was the creation of a single agreement between each Council and the Scottish Government, based on 15 central national outcomes agreed under the Arrangement. The national results reflect the Scottish Government`s national performance framework, but they also reflect the commitments established by businesses and community plans in Scottish councils and community planning partnerships. It is equally important that, in most cases, mutually agreed outcomes for Scotland as a whole (`national` outcomes) can only be achieved if progress is made at local level. Through the Concordat, the Councils commit to support progress at the national level by improving results at the local level. .