Agreement For Sale Registration Kerala

Step 10: Consult the registration sub-registration office and submit the expression of the report to the declarant on a specific date and date indicated on the confirmation certificate, as well as the related documents. Once the registration is successful, the applicant receives the deed of sale. Then, depending on the value of the stamp, you need to buy the stamp paper from the Treasury on your behalf. Since the customs stamp is really an important part of the cadastre registration, if we think about the concern of the Kerala registration department. The value of the stamp actually depends on the price of your property purchased. You can easily get the stamp duty rate from the student secretariat or the website. In Kerala, the general rate of stamp duty is 8% and the registration fee is 2%, for a total of 10%. But this rate is revised by the government within a set interval. It is true that the rate of stamp duty is set regardless of the location of your property in a panchayat, communal or corporate territory. In accordance with the Kerala land registration rules, the necessary documents for stamping and registration are as follows: Are you already planning to buy real estate in Kerala? But before that, you need to follow certain rules of kerala land registration and the proper procedure so as not to get trapped. These include the fact that the Government of Kerala has allowed the use of electronic stamps for the registration of documents for which the stamp duty is higher than Rs 1 Lakh. You can purchase electronic seals online through the official portal of the State Registration Department by applying the required procedure.

This is the first and most relevant step in your Kerala property registration process. While you are planning to buy a property in Kerala, you need to identify it first. If you choose an argument or a fake property and spend a modest amount, it would be the biggest mistake of your life. So you need to choose your property carefully. You can get help from multiple websites where you can access a list of properties by entering the location or zones. Once you have identified your desired property, you should try to negotiate the price, payment method, occupancy and other details with the seller. After all these things, real estate registration can be done to avoid unwanted difficulties. Read also some common real estate myths. To obtain the registration of the agreement, one must pay the land costs of Kerala. Thereafter, any buyer can use the details of this agreement.

In addition to land costs in Kerala, you also have to sign stamp duty. Learn more about the reasons for real estate investment in Kerala. Now, real estate buyers in the state can register real estate transactions with any sub-registrar office within a district. Previously, only district registries were allowed to register real estate that fell within the boundaries of a sub-registration office in that district. This authority has been transferred to all sub-registrars. The move will also reduce crowds at busy check-in offices. You must file an application containing copies of all relevant documents at your municipal or corporate office to change the title of the property. When buying or selling a property, the cadastre is therefore a must to avoid other difficulties. A person must make several critical financial decisions during their lifetime.

One of the most important investments and decision is the purchase of a house. Buying a home is like taking an important step. Imagine buying a property in God`s Own Country – Kerala. Sounds great, doesn`t it? As a hub for commercial and residential land, ownership is in demand in Kerala.. . .