State Of Florida Independent Contractor Agreement

Employees generally work on the company`s site, while independent contractors may be able to do the work in any place they want, depending on the work to be done. However, some employees are teleworkers, which is not a good way to determine whether a person is a worker or a contractor. When a person works from home or from another remote location, other issues are considered, for example. B if the person is monitored directly about how and when the work is done, or if they are able to follow their own way of working. Many of our clients come to ask us questions about independent contractors, including companies that are interested in hiring them, as well as the contractors themselves. Both recognize that it is often advantageous to have some kind of independent contractual agreement at hand (see more below), but employers, in particular, need to be careful. This is because inappropriate classification of staff as independent contractors can be accompanied by severe fines and other penalties. This guide details the requirements for classifying workers as independent contractors in Florida and other related issues. MYTHUS #7: I have my own employer identification number (UN) or documents indicating that I am receiving services as a Limited Liability Corporation (LLC) or any other business entity.

That means I am an independent contractor. FACT #7: One or more documents that indicate that you can provide services as an LLC or any other business entity does not make an independent contractor. Link between the State of Florida and Agreement 218 and changes to state and municipal employers To determine whether a worker is a contractor or self-employed, the degree of control must be verified. This degree of control and independence can be sub-delegated into key categories: Jobs designed by lawyers or contracts of independent contractors are of the utmost importance to protect your company from possible legal action or liability. Relying on free online models or oral agreements is at best a game of chance with your company`s assets.